Wi’kuom Cross Cultural Services

Welcome to Wi’kuom Cross Cultural Services

“Proudly building awareness together!”

W.C.C.S is a small company with a big heart that connects schools, businesses, government and organizations with a network of top professionals, cultural resources, and learning opportunities to strengthen relationships between First Nation (in particular Mi’kmaw) communities and clients.  These services can take many forms ranging from providing a speaker about a specific subject to booking a number of speakers to create a full day or multi-day conference, customizing a presentation, leading a focused workshop for educators to learn how to create lesson plans that are more inclusive of Mi’kmaq history and culture, leading student groups with a focus on building awareness within the school or group about FN history and culture, support for difficult subjects within the curriculum like teaching about the Residential School System, or taking a two day workshop on Cultural Safety Training.

No matter what your group’s needs are W.C.C.S is a great place to start your hunt. If we can’t provide the expertise you need we can refer you to a person who can!

Wi’kuom Cross Cultural Services exists to create more safe places for peoples of any culture to be able to co-exist, share, and create stronger relationships with each other as individuals and between communities as well. Despite a lot of positive work Canadians have done over the last number of years, there is still a lot of work to be done to eliminate negative stereotypes of FN people and their reserves, to take down systemic barriers between FN people and the services they require, and to create meaningful employment and training opportunities for FN communities that have been systematically marginalized by Amendments to the Indian Act, by prejudice in the workplace, and by sub-standard housing, medical services, schooling, and access to natural resources.

Cultural Safety Training

Plan an Event          Book a Speaker

Design a Fully Customized Learning Program

Integrate Mi’kmaq History and Culture into your classroom


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